Car Shoot Special

$150 and includes art shots, rolling shots, screen savers, and a 4 hour shoot.
Other kinds of prints available.
July 11, 2021

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Northern Exposure

All our events sponsor

Speed Militia 22 creates veteran race teams for national and international events. These teams will help create visibility for veterans biggest needs, and we will train veterans with a skilled trade to forward the team and their successful recovery. The non profit Speed Militia 22 helps fund vet non profits and requires them to use said monies for specific services, and not for administrative costs.  This helps us guarantee your donations are used for intended purposes and helps create more traction fixing the problems they face.  More info on Speed Militia 22 is coming.   

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For Seats and Gears

Aug. 21st, 2021

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Auto Mutt's Model Cruise

Sept. 18th, 2021

This route depends on type of cars we get so we can set the perfect back grounds.  Limited cars and models will be listed soon.  Model above will be attending.

Fall Color Corner Cruise

  Oct.9th, 2021

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We are sorry for any issues our event adjustments may have created.  With Covid constant changes are brought. We have had to remain fluid with our opportunities.  Speed Militia 22 had some new schedule conflicts we needed to address and couldn't miss those opportunities.  We had to take out the Tail of the Dragon, Lake is a Highway, and the Appalachian Run.  We added Mutt's Model Cruise, For Seats and Gears, and Fall Corner Cruise to end the season and information is already up.

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Photo Shoots

Two incredibly talented automotive photographers & videographers.  Internationally published work and created media for multiple World Record holding race teams.  Will add a level of creativity and beauty to your photos or videos needed.


Custom Event Creation and Event Management

Give us a call and let us know about your event.  We can help create a user friendly event that can track all the information you need.  Plus show you places where you can grow.  


Our Events

Let's Go LLC has a growing list of events we hold ourselves.

The list will continue to grow as we innovate new car events and entertainment all over the country. No place is to far for our reach. 



A collection of cars & models we've shot.



Let's Go LLC was created to help usher in a new wave of automotive events with personal technology integration. We will bring more activity and entertainment for the spectators and participants alike.

As a true gear head, he recognized the potential of combining todays personal smart equipment with the event around them.  Let's Go LLC will be creating, managing, consulting, while revolutionizing the way automotive events are run in todays world.  Bringing a new spin to a century of automotive events of all kinds.


Since the owner was an ARMY Infantry Combat Medic and Battalion Disease Control Specialist. We recognized there needs to be a change and find a proven system of care, and help follow them all the way through the process.  So Let's Go LLC and Speed Militia 22 will change the level of care veterans receive.  Enough talk, its time for action! Twenty-Two of our brothers and sisters are gone each day.  That can't not continue.

If you would like to help more please contact us.  If you are a non profit that helps veterans please contact us.  We can work together to complete the mission.  We don't have to battle this alone and are stronger together.  Look forward to hearing from you.


 Everything Let's Go LLC does will help veterans at some level.  Always donating 10 percent of profit to a new Non-Profit call Speed Militia 22. While also creating the ultimate Automotive fundraising weekend called Full Battle Rattle, Ultimate Track Day.  Memorial Day 2020 was supposed to be the first event, but was pushed because of Covid19.  We currently looking at Memorial Day Weekend 2023.  

Information about Full Battle Rattle and Speed Militia 22 will come after our final events during the Fall of 2021

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