Covid Questions:

First let me say, as a former Battalion Disease Control Specialist for the ARMY.  Let's Go LLC is taking this all very seriously.  Our events, staff, and company respect this virus and we have plans for each event to keep everything as safe as possible.  Being in a car with those you live with is no different than being at home with them.  So, as new mutations of this virus come forward we will adjust.  For now our current protocols are below.  Please read and know they can change as fast as the virus itself.  If we are forced to cancel due to state laws, There is no choice. we plan on moving forward even if we only get out of the car is for grass, cash, or ass.  Wait, What!?  You know what I mean, bathroom breaks, food, and gas.  The goal is the ride and enjoying the outside however we can.   

Let me reassure you, that if we have to cancel an event your tickets will be good for any event of equal value or you can upgrade with only paying the cost difference.

Let's Go! LLC Policies, Covid19 Rules, and Cruise Rules:

1. Be safe and courteous to fellow cruisers, vehicles and stop locations.


2. No reckless/dangerous driving that could cause harm anyone or cause damage to vehicles or            property.


3. Be mindful of any motorcycles that may be with the cruise or encountered along the cruise                routes.


4. No passing other vehicles while on country roads.


5. In the unfortunate event that any cruise vehicle becomes involved in an accident or broken down,      please safely pull over and assist.


6. If an accident or break down does occur, please contact event coordinators and make them                aware of the situation.


7. If there are any issues, text 608-658-3260 and a reply will be sent ASAP. However, due to being          on country roads reception may be unreliable at times. If that is the case please discuss the issue      with event coordinators at the next stop.


8. All participants must sign an insurance waiver.


9. Event Coordinators/Staff will have shirts to identify them. Their vehicles will also be identified            during the pre-event briefing.


10. As you arrive at the initial starting locations, event coordinators/staff will direct and line you up          with other vehicles.


11. There will be planned stops, but please feel free to stop and enjoy any other areas of interest              the cruise may come across.


12. There will be an itinerary that will be followed, any times listed will be approximations. Feel free         to travel ahead of or further behind the main group if you are more interested in other areas of           our stops.


13. Please read over your event summary/itinerary as it will prepare you for what is offered on the          cruise and insure the best possible enjoyment.


14. If you have no photo packages, feel free to travel at your own pace.


15. If you do have photo packages, you will need to talk to the event staff before leaving the initial            starting point.


16. All participants should read the provided information on how rolling shots work to get the best          photos of your vehicle.


17. Please no political talk, political signage or political flags while on the cruise or at any                          designated meeting points.


18. During Covid we ask that you practice social distancing with people not in your car or family              during stops.


There will be colored wristbands available for a visual aid on each participants social comfort level .


- Red wristband means the individual would like others near them to be masked and practice 6ft          distancing.


- Yellow wristband means no masks is ok but please practice safe 6ft social distancing.


- Green wristband means the individual is comfortable without masks or distancing.