1-30x40 Canvas

1-Custom Calendar

2-60x80 Fleece Blanet with a photo of your choice.

1-20x30 Acrylic 

Digital Social Media Files of all the final images of your vehicle


Use of model


Plus 1 private session with your choice of one of the photographers in the Spring for an hour.  You can save your package photo prints until the private session is complete if you so choose.


Not all photos fit perfectly in all sizes.  If we need to adjust we will send you a final proof before print.  If it is not to your liking we will find you a size that is.


    On events photography, you have a total of 7 days from the time you receive your prints to let us know of any errors or if you'd like a different edit done.  


    Editing is a 30 day or less process since we will have an average of 10,000 shots to go through.  After your see a proof and approve it it should be ready to ship with in 7 business days, but we ask for 14 since we will receive the print and inspect it for any errors.  If we see anything wrong we will submit for reprint.  There is be an email with the proof,  we ask you fill out and send back approved or not.  If approved we will send to print right away.  If not we ask for 1 business day to fix the error and resend a new proof.